Remedial Massage

Look and feel your best

Remedial massage incorporates many different styles of the deeper forms of massage.  Remedial massage is used mainly in the treatment of pain and injury as well as for ongoing maintenance of muscular issues.

Benefits of Remedial massage:

  • Aids in correcting the postural alignment of the body
  • Increase range of movement of joints and the body
  • Increases circulation to muscles and the tissues of the body
  • Increases the circulation of lymphatic fluids
  • Releases muscular tension and pain
  • Relaxes the body’s stress response
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Creates a feeling of well being

For your first Remedial massage appointment an initial consultation is performed before the massage.
This consultation is approximately 30 mins duration and followed by a one hour massage

Initial consultation $130 for 1.5 hrs includes:

  • Filling out Client information sheets
  • Postural Assessment
  • Range of Movement Assessment
  • Treatment Plan
  • I hr Remedial Massage

Subsequent appointments are:

  • $100/1 hr for Perth Metro area
  • $65/30 minutes for Perth Metro area
  • $120/1 hr or $70 for 30 minutes in Nannup & Waroona
  • Other country areas will vary in price
  • 1 hr Remedial massage

Note: Health fund rebates may apply for the massage services listed below.


Remedial Massage (Allow 1 hour)


Used for the treatment and management of injuries as well as ongoing maintenance for muscular issues. If you’re sore or tight in areas of your body we can work on them to help release them and improve the way your body functions. This is the perfect massage technique to regularly opt in for if you play sports regularly or have extremely tight areas in your body that are causing you discomfort. You can expect the benefits of remedial massage to be:


  • Improved functionality in the tight muscle areas
  • More loose and lighter in the body
  • Increased flexibility and improved posture
  • Optimal muscle health over several remedial massage sessions

Some of the types of massage modalities that remedial massage includes are deep tissue, trigger point therapy, sports, myofacial release and craniosacral therapy.




Deep Tissue Massage (Allow 1 hour)


Deep tissue massage(DTM) is one of the most common forms of remedial massage techniques. DTM treats the musculoskeletal issues of the body such as muscular strains and sprains where the body has been put under too much load.  DTM strokes are applied using sustained pressure in slow fluid strokes.  With each slow stroke the pressure is increased to access deeper into the muscle and stretch muscle fibres back to normal length.

DTM is ideal to treat chronic injuries that cause ongoing pain and stiffness that leads to a decreased range of movement in the body.

You would receive deep tissue massage for symptoms such as:


  • Extreme tightness of a muscle
  • Limited mobility in body function
  • Assisting with overcoming identified postural deficiencies
  • Lower back pain
  • Decreased range of movement




Trigger Point Therapy (Allow 1 hour)


Trigger Point Therapy (TPT) is a very effective form of remedial massage that releases tight bands within the reactive muscle belly.  These tight points within the belly of the muscle are called trigger points

All muscles have trigger points within them where a build-up of tension accumulates.  When too much tension is held in the point the muscle triggers a pain response.  This pain response sometimes is not experienced within the muscle itself but is radiated to a referral zone in the body.  When static compression is applied to a trigger point it may illicit  the pain in the referral zone and in the muscle itself.

Types of Trigger Points


  • Active Trigger Points
    • These  Trigger points cause pain either locally in the muscle or refer pain to other areas of the body
  • Latent or Satellite Trigger Points 
    • Latent/satellite trigger points are usually not painful but when pressure is applied they become sore and may twitch on release.

NOTE: DRY Needling therapy is when we place a needle into the trigger point of a sore tight muscle to release the trigger point.




Myofascial Release Therapy or MFR (Allow 1 hour)


Myofascial Release (MFR) is a very effective gentle form of body work that assists to increase the mobility and range of movement of the body. With this technique sustained light pressure stretches, lengthens and softens the fascia resulting in the release of restriction and pain while restoring postural alignment and range of movement to the body.

What is Fascia / Connective tissue?

The Body’s Fascia provides the framework for our body and holds everything together giving us our shape.  Fascia attaches and stabilises all our organs as well as muscles and skeleton.  The most commonly known forms of fascia are tendons and ligaments.

 The function of the fascia is


  • Body shock absorbing system
  • Protects and supports vital organs
  • Allows and stabilises movement of the body
  • Transfers stress out of muscles
  • Aligns and supports joints



Biodynamic Cranial Touch


BCT is a gentle non invasive therapy that uses a hands on approach to connect the body and heart. This connection assists in developing a sense of presence and stillness for the client.

During a BCT session as a practitioner I am trained to hold the energy field to allow the client to connect to the primary respiration within the body also known as the “breath of life”. By supporting this direct inner connection to the field the client may experience the waves of the primary respiration as a movement within the body  that washes over you like a wave of energy.

As parts of this process a deep stillness comes into the session which allows the greatest form of healing to take place within the client and their energy bodies

It is recommended to fully experience this form of body work the you undertake 6 sessions of one hour duration. The first three sessions help to restore and balance the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems.  The following three sessions help to restore the balance to the primary respiration of the body and reorganise patterns which are causing dis- ease within the physical, emotional mental and spiritual bodies.

To find out more about BCT and The Breath Of Life (primary respiration) book an appointment today.



Dry Needling (Allow 1 hour)


Dry needling is used in conjunction with Remedial massage to release trigger points within painful or injured muscles.

The needles are the same needles as used in acupuncture.  These very fine needles are inserted in to the trigger point of the muscle then stimulated.  Once the trigger point is activated you may experience a twitch in the muscle as the muscle relaxes and releases.

Dry needling is very effective in the management of pain and injuries by:


  • Restoring range of movement
  • Releases restrcitin in the muscle
  • Increases recovery from injury
  • Increases blood flow to injured tissue





Craniosacral Therapy or CST (Allow 1 hour)


A light gentle hands on modality that works on your cranial wave and stretching of the connective tissue or fascia within your body. This helps correct structural imbalances and is achieved by mobilising, releasing and balancing the craniosacral system in the body.