Accessing the wisdom of the flowers

Why choose a Flower Essence Consultation?

Is there an issue that is causing you distress and you are seeking assistance in moving forward?  Is there a negative mind state that stops you leading a fulfilling life?  Or simply you are curious and would like to experience the wisdom of the Western Australian flower essences?

Flower Affinity Reading

Let a flower affinity reading guide you through the gentle messages of the Western Australian wild flowers. 

To select your flowers’, I will guide you through the flower affinity deck to find the flowers that you interact and resonate with your area of concern.  From the flowers you select I will give you a reading and insight into the wisdom of the flowers.

The reading includes a 25 ml bottle of Flower Essence that contains the flowers you have selected during the reading.

Allow approximately 1 hour for a flower affinity reading.

An Initial Body & Mind Flower Essence Consultation

An initial mind body session will enable you to gain the knowledge of the mind patterns which are influencing your mind states or the physical symptoms you may be experiencing.

An initial consultation session in which will allow you to access the innate wisdom of the flowers that may assist in changing the concept which determine your behaviours and how you react to life. You will be guided through a self-diagnosis session in which you will be able to select the flowers that most resonate with your current situation. Once selected you will then get an opportunity to experience the health generating properties of the flowers as they are placed on the acupoints of your body.

An Initial Consultation includes

  • Holistic counselling
  • Flower affinity Reading
  • Flower affinity Diagnosis
  • Flower essence prescription
  • 25ml Bottle of Flower essence

Flower Acupressure Sessions

Flower acupressure sessions are used to assist with acute symptoms related to:

Stress – the use of the ear acupoint called Shenmen
together with stress relieving flower essences allows the mind and body to
release the cares and worries that keep our stress response switched on.

Energy depletion – The use of ear and body acupoints
with energy balancing flower essences allows the body and mind to re-energise
and return to a state of balance

Pain- flower essence is applied to acupoints on the body and then the acupoints are held to assist in the release of pain from the body .

During an acupressure session, flower essences are applied
to acupoints found on the ear and other parts of the body.  Pressure is applied to each acupoint once
flower essences are applied.

Allow 30-45 minutes for a session of Flower acupressure.  

Follow Up Consultations

Follow up consultations are conducted 4 weeks after the initial consultation. 

Through this session your progress of working with your flower essence remedy will be discussed within a holistic counselling session.  A further bottle of flower essence can be dispensed if required.  A flower 25 ml Flower essence last for the duration of approximately 6 weeks if taken as directed. 

Flower Essences in Pregnancy

We have a range of flower essences that can assist you with pregnancy:

  • Morning sickness essences
  • Water retention essences
  • Creams and lotions for use during pregnancy
  • Flower essence birthing kit and training how to use kits during labour