Energy Healing

Energy healing allows us to connect to that knowledge of inherent wisdom within ourself. This knowledge connects us to the inherent wisdom not through our minds but through our heart.

To truly open your heart takes courage and self reflection. This leads to a new sense of self awareness of the energy structures that either assist of hinder us in life.

The benefits that may be experienced during and after a session are

Creates self awareness
Provides mental clarity
Relaxes the body and mind
Emotional calming
Activates para-symapathetic nervous system
Balances the body’s energy centres
Can assist to bring about changes in unhelpful patterns of behaviour

At Sacred Aspects I have had many years experience in energy work and holding space, allowing my clients to access their field in a safe and supported environment allowing their own inherent healing wisdom to be accessed.

Some energy work combines well with massage options others work better in isolation particularly when you’re developing yourself in regards to self awareness through trust and acceptance. Each session is held in the peaceful setting of our treatment room which is the perfect environment for allowing a deeply transformative experience.



An energetic healing modality that channels the universal life force to balance, de-stress and relax your body and mind. This is due to reiki awakening your consciousness to the subtly of life that surrounds you. This is the perfect treatment option if you feel like your life is going too fast before your eyes and you’re struggling to keep up.

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Chakra Mapping Workshop

Learn To Unlock the Wisdom within Your Chakras

Your Chakras hold patterns of your belief systems whether they be handed down to you generationally , taught by society and culture or are the patterns you have reinforced within your energy system by how you react to life.

The Chakra mapping technique commences, by introducing you to the anatomy of your chakra system and how the chakras work together to support your life purpose. There will also be an overview of the part each chakra plays within your body’s energy system.
Once you have this understanding you will then be able to map out which chakras are supporting your journey and which chakras are out of alignment. The chakras that are out of alignment hold patterns which some people refer to as blocks.
Behind each energy block is an area within your energy field the holds the key to unlocking the bound up energy of the block. This Key when activated, makes us feel safe and gives us a short term feeling of happiness or fulfilment and makes us feel we are doing the right thing. However it reinforces the patterns of behaviour that continue to hold us back from realising our full potential in life.

With the Chakra Mapping Technique you will learn how to map where the energy block and the Key lie within your energy field. As part of this work you will be taught how to access the story held by the key, allowing the release of the energy within the block.

The technique of mapping your chakras can be used repeatedly through life to assist with the smooth flow of your energy field. The more practiced you are in the technique the easier you will find it to access the wisdom within your chakras.

The training encompasses three parts

1. How to check if your envisioned plan is in alignment with your highest purpose
2. How to find which chakras support you and which are out of alignment.
3. How to map the chakras and find the block and the Key

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Chakra Balancing

Chakra Balancing is the balancing of the subtle energies of the chakras through the application of sound to the body and within the auric field of the body. Chakra chimes are place on the body’s energy centres and are activated while tuning forks are used in the auric field to clear out any imbalance and reinforce the vibration of the auric filed. Chakra balancing is a deeply meditative experience that assist to calm the mind and de-stress the physical body.

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House Clearing Ceremonies

Have you ever wanted to clear and cleanse your home/workspace from heavy negative energies and infuse your home with light and love? Not sure how to do this?

Come along to one of our house clearing workshops and learn how to create a ritual for your home or workspace.  Through the ritual you will learn how to clear the energies of what no longer serves you in life and retain the energies that support and nurture you in life.

What you will learn

    • How to set an intention for cleansing and revitalizing your space.
    • How to develop an invocation to call assistance from the realm of the Archangels and Ascended Masters.
    • We will look at different tools used for cleansing. For example candles, herbs, essential oils and smudge sticks etc.
    • Make up your own smudging incense to take home.
    • How to lay out a white light grid in your home
  • The final part of the ritual is to seal the house